Sales Leadership

In the research I did for my latest Harvard Business Review column, The Best Salespeople Do What the Best Brands Do, I came across a lot of terrific sources on how to achieve sales leadership.  I was only able to include a few in the piece, so here’s a round-up of some more clarifying insights […]


Shark Tank can teach you a lot about how to sell — at least, that’s my takeaway from hearing the stories of Shark Tank contestants. I attended a “The Shark Tank Effect” networking event, produced by the Network After Work folks and moderated by the author of Conversations with Shark Tank Winners, Rey Ybarra. A panel […]


The folks at Deloitte recently released, The Next Evolution: Store 3.0,  a report on the readiness of retailers for the store of tomorrow.  Although the report offers a somewhat limited and biased perspective since it is based on a survey of only 39 current retail executives, it raises some important questions about the requirements of […]