(Welcome to a “Brand Experience Brief” — insights and analysis of new and interesting restaurant and retail concepts.) REI’s first store in New York City is the quintessential flagship store – it’s big, it’s in a prominent location, and it showcases the brand like no other retail store. Check out my video recap on this […]

jim lovell

The 40th anniversary of the ground-breaking Apollo 11 mission reminds me of a talk by Jim Lovell, the commander of the other famous Apollo mission (#13), which I recently I heard.  In it, Mr. Lovell declared, “I shouldn’t be here,” and attributed the fact that he was indeed still here to the qualities of the […]


A lot of my friends have been talking about my recent post on the iPhone app, Ocarina.  Over the course of our conversations, I realized that I’d given the Apple brand all the credit […]


brand bedfellows

Much of the blame for John McCain’s loss in Tuesday’s election is being laid on the 2 people he was most closely associated with —  George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.  The impact […]