It’s one thing to know there is a link between culture and performance – it’s another to prove it, much less to quantify and track it. In my new article on LinkedIn, Link Culture to Performance Through Metrics, I share about a report that provides tools and frameworks for culture measurement.  Enjoy! related: Assess Brand-Culture […]


Consensus Advisors just released their 2009-2010 Retailer Health Ratings (RHRs) report.  The RHRs measure and compare retailers over a five-year period on: healthy growth asset utilization pricing power balance sheet strength The report and webinar were really interesting and so I thought I’d share some of the insights and my reactions. […]

measurement cartoon

Ever since the phrase “you manage what you measure” made its way into the dialogue of corporate America, metrics have played an increasingly important role in the management of businesses.  No one can argue the value of timely, detailed, and accurate measures of performance as assessments of effectiveness and guides for decision-making.  Yet, which metrics […]


I just ran a series on Twitter about the things I’ve learned about business (and life) from watching “The Biggest Loser.”  I started watching the show because a client of mine is a sponsor, but I got hooked by the valuable lessons it teaches (and the drama, of course!) #1 lesson:  keep metrics simple; the […]


U.S. News & World Report’s interview with Susan Docherty, North American Vice President for General Motors provided some valuable insight into the troubled car company.  Her comments made it clear that GM is operating from a reactive, backward looking stance. […]