Looking for some inspiration about creating extraordinary experiences?  Need some insights on great retail customer experiences?  Check out this new slideshow, featuring the Top 10 Quotes from my new book, Extraordinary Experiences: What Great Retail and Restaurant Brands Do. Top 10 Quotes from Extraordinary Experiences from Denise Yohn My new book Extraordinary Experiences profiles seven […]

flipboard january

Wrapping up the month with my new Flipboard — featuring my list of 10 Brands to Watch in 2014, a post on TEDxSanDiego, interviews with Scott Goodson and Joel Rubinson, and images of great brands in action (#WGBD).  Check it out! […]

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Did you miss my interviews with Nature Box CEO Gautam Gupta and 37Signals founder Jason Fried?  How about my Forbes article, Why Marketers Need to Stop Giving Back?  Or my latest QSR Magazine column on how to launch a new product?  You can check all this out and more in my new Flipboard magazine, D […]

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My latest Flipboard magazine contains all my recent content in one cool magazine.  Check it out to learn about the changing role and nature of taglines, building a subscription commerce brand, creating an emotional connection through customer experience, business lessons taught be a blind surfer, and more… […]