pure joy

Because I’m such a brand freak, you might be surprised to learn that I don’t own an iPhone — in fact, the only Apple product I own is a iPod Mini which I got as a gift maybe 4 years ago and which just this past weekend gave up the ghost.

But this doesn’t mean that I am out of the loop when it comes to Apple because my husband is a huge Apple fan — which means I not only get to be the recipient of taunts like “Microsoft sucks” every time I have to ask him for help to unfreeze my Windows-based PC, install new software, try to configure a program, etc., but also I have the distinct pleasure of being the audience to regular demonstrations of his latest discovery of the coolest thing that he can do with his various Apple products.

Since his newest acquisition is an iPhone 3G, lately I’ve been treated to displays of a bunch of new iPhone apps.  Because I don’t want to encourage my husband’s enthusiasm for his iPhone (I fear he may end up bringing the thing to bed), I’ve resorted to rolling my eyes at these antics.

But alas, I could not help but laugh with wonder at his demonstration of the Ocarina.  For those of you who haven’t experienced the Ocarina, check this out:

Leave it to Apple to provide a way for my husband to serenade me by simply whipping out his iPhone.  That’s entertainment — pure joy!

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