B2B Employee Brand Engagement

Building a strong B2B brand starts with corporate culture.  Business leaders must rally their employees around common cultural values because culture determines whether they will embrace and appropriately interpret and reinforce it in their customer interactions.   The opportunity is to use culture-building to optimize a company’s internal workings and engage the workforce in delivering unique, focused, and aligned customer experiences.

Mitchell International, an insurance technology solutions provider with customers ranging from local automotive repair shops to large clients like State Farm, provides an excellent examples of how to do just that.  I had the privilege of working with Mitchell a couple of years ago to clarify its brand essence and beliefs (“The Mitchell Way”) and to kick off its brand operationalization efforts with its leadership.

As with all of my clients, one of the most telling indicators of the effectiveness of our work together is whether or not the efforts continue long after I’m gone.  So I’m thrilled that at Mitchell, marketing chief Jennifer Forman and her team have been carrying on the work.  Specifically they’ve been focused on raising internal awareness and understanding of the customer experience and how they need to improve and evolve it.  At the company’s second annual “The Mitchell Way Day,” they staged a high-energy, interactive experience to inspire and orient associates on the customer experience.

Take a look at the below slideshow for a look at a best-in-class employee brand engagement initiative at a B2B company.  Mitchell’s approach will show you:

  • how to make the brand relevant to all employees
  • how to bring the customer to life through personas
  • how to engage individual departments or work groups in applying the brand values to their specific scope of work

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