Does your organization practice the brand-as-business management approach?

For each factor, rate your company by selecting a number on the scale between the two answers.
  • only a symbol or expression of what we do
    a valuable tool to be leveraged in our operating system
  • An awareness generator and goodwill producer
    A driver and compass for everything the company does
  • A cost of doing business to cut when budgets are tight
    An investment in a core business asset
  • Generated by disparate product groups, operational units, and geographic territories
    Shared across all groups, with the brand as the common lens
  • A discrete exercise based on financial and operational analyses
    A tool-based process driven by the brand platform
  • Rigid processes that closely manage and measure employees' efforts
    Tools and approaches that inform, inspire, and equip all stakeholders
  • The marketing department promotes the brand in creative campaigns
    Everyone in the company nurtures and reinforces the brand on a daily basis, at every touchpoint
  • Tend to disagree about what's "on brand" and what's not
    Share one common understanding of the brand and how to interpret and reinforce it
  • Communicate about our brand usually only when we launch new marketing campaigns
    Talk with stakeholders regularly and consistently about what our brand stands for and their roles in delivering it
  • To bring excitement to employee rallies and corporate meetings
    As a filter for recruitment, as a tool for training, and as a motivator for retention
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