Does your organization practice the brand-as-business management approach?

For each factor, rate your company by selecting a number on the scale between the two answers.

  • Can be quite significant at times – we’re good at saying what we believe but less consistent in actually doing it
    Is practically non-existent – we pretty much always do what we say
  • An awareness generator and goodwill producer
    A driver and compass for everything the company does
  • A cost of doing business that tends to get cut when budgets are tight
    An investment to sustain the core of the business
  • Tend to disagree about what's "on brand" and what's not
    Share one common understanding of the brand and how to interpret and reinforce it
  • The marketing department promotes the brand in creative campaigns
    Everyone in the company nurtures and reinforces the brand on a daily basis, at every touchpoint
  • Communicate about our brand usually only when we launch new marketing campaigns
    Talk with stakeholders regularly and consistently about what our brand stands for and everyone’s roles in delivering it
  • To bring excitement to employee rallies and corporate meetings
    As a filter for recruitment, as a tool for training, and as a motivator for retention
  • Based on general customer service principles
    Designed down to the details to convey our brand identity and personality
  • Is mostly understood intuitively – we haven’t clearly articulated it to our people
    Has been clearly defined and described for all our stakeholders
  • Be based on producing short-term business results
    Reflect a commitment to doing what’s right for our brand in the long-term
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