A sample of prior speaking engagements.

Denise has been inspiring and teaching business leaders how to build their brands and develop exceptional organizations for over 25 years. From international conferences to CEO peer groups to corporate meetings, Denise shows her audiences how to compete and win.

Extraordinary Experiences: How to Win Customers’ Hearts and Dollars

Restaurant and retail consultant Denise Lee Yohn speaks at the Horizons Conference for Steritech about the power of customer experience. Learn how your customer experience can be your most powerful marketing.

Great Brands Sweat the Small Stuff

Denise Lee Yohn, brand expert and author of the best-selling book What Great Brands Do, explains why saying that great brands sweat the small stuff in their customer experiences. Learn about retail customer experience, customer experience management, and how to design and deliver extraordinary experiences. Excerpt from presentation at ScaleUp Summit presented by Gazelles in collaboration with FORTUNE Magazine.

How to Align & Engage Your Brand Stakeholders

Brand expert Denise Lee Yohn explains how to align and engage your stakeholders so everyone who works on your brand knows how to support and build it. In this excerpt of Denise speaking at the 2016 Learning & Leadership Development Conference for the Human Capital Institute, learn why brand alignment and engagement is more important now than ever before and how to achieve.

You Can Build a Great Brand Even During a Recession

Denise Lee Yohn addresses participants at CONAREC, the premiere marketing conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Despite the economic and political conditions in the country, on top of changing consumer wants and needs, Denise explains that companies can still build a great brand.

Webinar: Build a Breakthrough Brand with a Clear Competitive Positioning

In this webinar, brand expert Denise Lee Yohn shows you how to craft a competitive brand positioning. A clear, definitive competitive brand positioning is essential to brand building. It defines who you are selling to, what your business scope is, and what you do to create value for your customers. It provides strategic guidance on product development, pricing, messaging, and more.

Featured on the Biznology blog and sponsored by BarnRaisers, MENG, and Unison.

Great Brands Avoid Selling Products

Brand-building expert and author of the best selling book What Great Brands Do, Denise Lee Yohn, speaks at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto on how great brands avoid selling products.

Brand Expert Denise Lee Yohn on What Great Brands Do

Are you doing “what great brands do?” Are you doing what you are made to do?  Keynote speaker and author of the new bestselling book, What Great Brands Do, Denise Lee Yohn inspires and teaches attendees at the Convenience Retailing University (gathering of 150 business leaders) to think differently about brand-building.

Great Brands Aren’t Just for the Big Guys

Author of bestselling book “What Great Brands Do” Denise Lee Yohn introduces the Minimum Viable Brand framework to leaders of start-ups and small businesses at Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ready to Launch Event.

Craft a Compelling Brand Positioning — Webinar Excerpt

An excerpt from the webinar: How To Craft a Clear and Compelling Brand Position.  Brand-building expert, speaker, and writer Denise Lee Yohn shows how to develop a competitive brand positioning that ensures a sustained advantage.

Great Brands Sweat the Small Stuff

In this corporate keynote presentation, Denise speaks about how great brands sweat the small stuff. Great brands know that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to enhance their brand image or to detract from it — and every touchpoint matters.