Series of videos for Smartbrief on Leadership, a curated collection of innovative ideas and hard-to-find leadership content.

Customer Centricity

Brand leadership expert Denise Lee Yohn explains what customer centricity really means and how to cultivate a customer-centric organizational culture.

Should You Rebrand?

Brand leadership expert Denise Lee Yohn explains the three reasons why you should rebrand — and how you should prepare for a rebranding.

How Do You Make Customers Feel?

Making an emotional connection with customers increases sales, margin, and loyalty. Learn how to use emotion to appeal to your customers in this new video from brand leadership expert, Denise Lee Yohn.

Does a Brand Extension Make Sense?

Brand leadership expert Denise Lee Yohn lays out the pros and cons of brand extensions in this new video for Smartbrief.

What Does “World’s Most Valuable Brand” Mean?

n this new Smartbrief on Leadership video, brand leadership expert Denise Lee Yohn explains what brand valuation is and why it’s important.

Start-Up With a Minimum Viable Brand

Brand leadership expert Denise Lee Yohn explains how to use a Minimum Viable Brand (MVB), borrowed from the Minimum Viable Product concept, to ensure your offering is positioned so that its differentiation and value is clear to customers.

Reflecting Now To Create a Successful Year Ahead

A formal exercise of reflection can help you sum up the year that’s ending and refocus yourself to a better year ahead. Learn how.

What Employees Want From Employers

Learn the 5 things employees want if they’re to feel engaged and motivated — and not leave your organization. Retention in the Great Resignation is more important than ever.

Leaders, Get Out Into the Field

Seeing the front lines isn’t just for show; it’s how leaders see what employees and customers are really facing, how they get feedback and how they can directly inspire.

What Leaders Get Wrong About Employee Well-Being and How To Get It Right

Employee well-being is not a simple issue that organizations can easily guarantee, but there is a path forward for leades and organizations. Learn more in this video from Denise Lee Yohn.