Series of videos for Smartbrief on Leadership, a curated collection of innovative ideas and hard-to-find leadership content.

Leaders, Get Out Into the Field

Seeing the front lines isn’t just for show; it’s how leaders see what employees and customers are really facing, how they get feedback and how they can directly inspire.

What Leaders Get Wrong About Employee Well-Being and How To Get It Right

Employee well-being is not a simple issue that organizations can easily guarantee, but there is a path forward for leades and organizations. Learn more in this video from Denise Lee Yohn.

How To Give a Powerful Presentation

Good presentations persuade, combine stoytelling and logic, and offer a clear path forward. Learn more about public presentation best practices in this article and video.

Hybrid Leadership For Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is a popular topic, but pay attention to hybrid leadership, too.

Three-Step Roadmap for Leading Employees Through Change

Creating change requires employees to feel confident and buy in. Here’s how leaders can make that process easier, especially during difficult times.

Three Competencies You Need To Lead in 2022

The new world of work that we face in 2022 requires new leadership competencies.