Brand Experience Briefs capture insights and analysis from Denise’s audits of new and interesting retail and restaurant concepts.

brand experience brief: Taco Bell Cantina

Now you can get a beer with your burrito at Taco Bell! Check out the new Taco Bell Cantina in this video audit and analysis.

brand experience brief: target open house

Target, the mass retailer, has opened a new retail concept called Open House. It’s a combination connected home lab and retail space — very interactive and very cool — but probably not a big money maker.

brand experience brief: The Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill is one of the many “better burger” chains generating a lot of buzz these days. Although its charburgers do taste good, the company needs to work harder to differentiate the brand from all the other options.  Here’s why.

brand experience brief: Therapie Boutique Retail Fashion Truck

Retail fashion trucks are starting to hit the road in most major metro areas.  Here’s a look inside one of these hot innovations, Therapie Boutique.

brand experience brief: Tom’s Urban 24 restaurant

Tom Ryan, the founder of popular better burger chain Smashburger, has started a new restaurant that’s a combination classic diner, hipster bar, and foodie haven, Tom’s Urban 24 Check out this brand experience brief to learn how such a mash-up of concepts has turned out.

brand experience brief: True Food Kitchen

Farm to Table is a growing movement in American culture and True Food Kitchen, a new restaurant concept, is poised to seize the moment with a well-designed brand experience.

brand experience brief: Uniqlo

Fast fashion retailer Uniqlo is on a roll.  I visited the company’s Herald Square location, one of three stores it has in New York City.  Here’s what I thought of the brand experience there.

brand experience brief: Walgreens Chicago Flagship

Walgreens is trying to “transform from a traditional drugstore to a retail health and daily living destination,” according to Joe Magnacca, the company’s president of daily living products and solutions.  Its flagship stores showcase its new approach.  Here’s my audit of the new Walgreens store in downtown Chicago.

brand experience brief: Walmart Neighborhood Market

Walmart Neighborhood Market, a smaller format store, competes against dollar stores and grocery stores — it looks to me like they just might win the fight.

brand experience brief: Warby Parker

Warby Parker is one of several e-commerce brands, including Bonobos and Birchbox, that have ventured into the physical store space.  Check out hat works and what doesn’t in Warby Parker’s store in New York City’s SOHO, and why it matters.