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Your brand platform serves as a guide and compass for decision-making throughout your organization.

A strategic brand platform is comprised of:

  • Brand identity—what your brand stands for—the key values and attributes which define your brand
  • Competitive brand positioning—how your brand compares—your target customers, the frame of reference in which they consider your brand, and the unique value you provide to them

The brand-as-business management approach involves developing brand tools that guide strategic planning decisions about what to do (and what not to do)—and how.

Planning is essentially about making choices—which activities are you going to do and which are you not going to do. Brand as business applies brand thinking to your portfolio of possible activities and points to the appropriate areas of focus. It facilitates choices that are consistent with the values and attributes you hope to embody as an organization and to deliver to customers. And it produces actionable plans that make sense to stakeholders and breaks down into digestible chunks what they need to do.

Planning Services:

Brand Platform–– a clearly articulated, robust, and future-oriented strategy for your brand.

When everyone who works on your brand shares one clear, consistent, common understanding of what it stands for and how it compares, you have a strong foundation to build your brand on.

Brand Architecture— a framework for organizing, prioritizing, and managing related brands.

A brand architecture focuses and aligns planning decisions by:

  • Prioritizing your brands and providing guidelines for their development and usage
  • Explaining the relationships between brands
  • Recommending brands to build, consolidate, maintain, and eliminate
  • Providing the nomenclature and visual approaches to link related brands

Customer Experience Architecture— a framework for delivering a unified, seamless brand experience to different customer segments across different channels.

A strategy which integrates the range of your customer experiences into a cohesive framework will help to ensure you are building your brand at every opportunity.


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