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The brand-as-business approach applies brand thinking to the generation of insights about your business—its strengths, its challenges, and its opportunities.

Your organization might be faced with increased competition, adjusting to new market segments, or needing to ensure consistent service as the business expands. Sales teams, regional offices, operations executives, and marketers may all attempt to address these challenges in their own way.

Brand thinking enables your organization to develop and share a single vision that unites these disparate perspectives.

Insights Services:

Brand Diagnostic — A Brand Diagnostic provides an evaluation of your brand’s current performance on 10 key metrics to diagnose current performance and uncover new growth opportunities. To conduct a brand diagnostic, Denise audits and analyzes your brand from three critical perspectives:

  • Your customers—the demand landscape, key target segments, drivers of purchase/usage.
  • Your context—competitive strengths and vulnerabilities, category trends, macro-factors
  • Your company—existing and pipeline products/services, capabilities, assets, resources. The brand-as-business management approach applies a brand lens to generate shared insights about your business and identify the best new growth opportunities for your brand.

Competitive Landscape Map — a visual depiction of your frame of reference (who you compete with), key competitors’ positionings, and your brand’s optimal competitive position.

A clear, crisp articulation of the competitive landscape and the desired position for your brand facilitates internal understanding of and alignment with the strategic priorities and changes necessary for competitive advantage.

Customer and Consumer Research — anthropological, qualitative, and quantitative methodologies which uncover rich insights about market opportunities.

Your brand platform and critical strategies—innovation, customer experience, sales, marketing, etc.—should be informed by insights from your customers and/or consumers.

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