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Brand-as-Business Management Approach

Denise Lee Yohn’s approach facilitates operational excellence by focusing, aligning, and motivating your employees and other stakeholders with your brand. Brand as business puts your brand in the center of your company.

It embeds brand discipline in the execution of all business activities. It engages all stakeholders—from the executive team to the frontline, plus vendors, partners, and investors—as “brand operators” responsible for working together to operationalize your brand.

Your brand gets the right people focused on the right things by unifying everyone behind a common purpose and shaping the culture, strategies, policies, and processes which make your brand vision a reality.

The overall goal of brand-as-business execution is to create a high-performing culture that delivers extraordinary experiences at every touchpoint.

Through an audit process and stakeholder interviews, Denise identifies the approach and tools necessary to:

  • Inform—communicate the brand platform and principles to guide brand execution
  • Inspire—ignite passion for your brand and motivate changed behavior
  • Instruct—facilitate decision-making and actions that are “on brand”

Execution Services:

Brand Toolbox— A Brand Toolbox is a collection of tools that enable your stakeholders to evaluate and strengthen the brand appropriately.

Operational excellence depends upon brand alignment among all your stakeholders; a brand toolbox facilitates brand alignment.

Brand Touchpoint Wheel— a visual representation of all the touchpoints between your brand and the outside world and how internal groups impact them.

A brand touchpoint wheel provides a complete picture of all the ways people interact with your brand and prompts internal teams to work together to create on-brand experiences in each interaction.

Engagement Program— interactive experiences which engage and equip stakeholders to support your brand in daily decisions and actions.

In order for your brand to be understood, embraced, and delivered by stakeholders, they need to be engaged with their heads (to know), their hearts (to feel), and their hands and feet (to act).

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