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What Should Apple Name Its Next New iPhone?

May 10, 2017


Topics: Brand Names, Innovation, Marketing

Keywords: brand name strategy, Apple iPhone, new iPhone name, iPhone 8 launch, iPhone X, iPhone Edition, Apple branding, brand name selection, Apple brand name strategy

The name of Apple’s next product is not simply a semantics issue — it’s a brand opportunity.

Should You Name Your Company After Yourself?

May 5, 2017

Harvard Business Review

Topics: Brand Names, Leadership, Small Businss

Keywords: Denise Lee Yohn in Harvard Business Review, eponymous brand, eponymous company, naming strategy, brand name strategy

As with all brand naming decisions, it matters less which name an entrepreneur chooses than what actions they take to make it mean something that’s relevant and compelling.

Lady Gaga Shows Companies How To Make A Comeback

April 19, 2017


Topics: Brand Loyalty, Brand Experience, Brand Strategy, Marketing

Keywords: brand loyalty, Lady Gaga marketing, Lady Gaga comeback, Lady Gaga strategy, Lady Gaga Little Monsters, brand turnaround, brand rebound, company turnaround, brand comeback

Everyone should recognize the successful comeback Lady Gaga has made and seek to learn from it.

United Is Operating On Auto-Pilot

April 11, 2017


Topics: Customer Experience, Brand Delivery, Brand Touchpoints, Business, Culture, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, Loyalty, Social Media

Keywords: United Airlines social media, United Airlines man dragged off plane, United Airlines culture, United Airlines employee engagement, United Airlines brand touchpoints

Now that social media has made every customer a media channel, leaders must recognize every employee is a brand touchpoint.

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