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SoulCycle Uses A Freedom Within A Framework Approach To Flourish

November 30, 2016


Topics: Culture, Employee Engagement, Health/Fitness/Wellness, Leadership

Keywords: corporate culture, employee engagement, freedom within a framework, management approach, Melanie Whelan, SoulCycle brand, SoulCycle culture, SoulCycle growth, workplace culture

The “freedom within a framework” management approach has been a critical element behind SoulCycle’s success.

What’s the ROI on Brand-Building?

November 20, 2016

Mth Degree

Topic: Brand Value

Keywords: Balanced Brand Scorecard, brand ROI, brand valuation, branding ROI, Denise Lee Yohn, marketing ROI, Mth Degree

I’d like to suggest a framework that provides a means for understanding and tracking the value-creating results of a brand. The Balanced Brand Scorecard provides a holistic assessment of your brand’s value.

Customer Experience Success Relies On More Than Marketing

November 9, 2016


Topics: Business, Customer Experience, Marketing, Restaurants and Retail

Keywords: customer experience design, customer experience management, customer experience marketing, customer experience strategy, Denise Lee Yohn, new customer metrics, organization design

Customer experience success relies on operations, human resources, and finance as much as it does on marketing.

Fuerst Group Does Retail R&D On KEEN And Chrome Industries Brands

October 26, 2016


Topics: Brand Experience, Customer Experience, Innovation, Marketing, Restaurants and Retail

Keywords: Chrome Industries Hub, Fuerst Group, John Evons, KEEN footwear, KEEN garage, retail innovation, retail R&D

Research and development is no longer just for product development. Retailers must take an R&D approach to customer experience and experiment with different ways to engage customers, sell products, and build their brands.

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