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Stop Selling; Start Evangelizing

September 14, 2016


Topics: Business, Marketing, Sales

Keywords: brand evangelism, brand evangelist, Denise Lee Yohn on Forbes, Guy Kawasaki, sales leadership, sales strategy, Tiffani Bova

Marketing may be expanding its influence and involvement across the customer experience, but sales and salespeople can and should remain a critical element of most go-to-market strategies.  To ensure this, salespeople need to stop selling and start evangelizing.

How to Start Up Your Brand: Develop a Minimum Viable Brand

September 14, 2016


Topics: Brand Strategy, Business, Small Businss

Keywords: ChangeThis Manifesto, Denise Lee Yohn manifesto, minimum viable brand, minimum viable product, MVB, start-up brand strategy, start-up branding, strategic brand platform

Many startups get derailed because they don’t get their brand right. To avoid this fate, you need to develop a Minimum Viable Brand (MVB).

ZICO Coconut Water Founder Thinks Business Should Aspire Higher

August 24, 2016


Topics: Brand Delivery, Business, Culture, Leadership, Social Responsibility

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, Denise Lee Yohn on Forbes, High-Hanging Fruit, Mark Rampolla, purpose-driven book, purpose-driven companies, responsible leadership, ZICO Coconut Water, ZICO coconut water story

ZICO Coconut Water Founder Mark Rampolla’s book, High-Hanging Fruit: Build Something Great by Going Where No One Else Will, recounts how Rampolla reached for a higher purpose and built ZICO into a multi-million dollar business that was eventually acquired by Coke.

The Biggest Mistake Church Leaders Can Make

August 15, 2016

Phil Cooke Blog

Topics: Brand Strategy, Leadership

Keywords: church brand strategy, church leadership, church marketing strategy, Denise Lee Yohn on Phil Cooke, pastor mistake, Phil Cooke blog

I asked Denise if she could share one message with pastors and ministry leaders today, what would it be?  Here’s her answer.  It’s counter-intuitive for many, but from my experience, worth considering:

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