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New Generation Of Tech CEOs At Uber, Microsoft And Google Lead With Culture

November 15, 2017


Topics: Culture, Leadership

Keywords: employee culture, corporate culture, workplace culture, technology company culture, Uber CEO, Google CEO, Microsoft CEO, tech leadership, Satya Nadelli, Sundar Pichai, Dara Khosrowshahi, leading with culture

In recent years, three leading technology players — UberMicrosoft, and Google —have installed new CEOs whose primary missions seem to be more about core values than core technology.

Five New Customer Experiences

November 10, 2017

Chain Store Age

Topics: Restaurants and Retail, Customer Experience, Brand Experience

Keywords: brand experience, retail customer experience, Chain Store Age, disruptive retail customer experience, Apple Town Hall, Starbucks Roastery, Shake Shack playground, Walmart omnichannel, Lolli & Pops core values

Savvy retailers and restaurateurs aren’t standing by while digital players, delivery services, and marketplaces try to steal their market share. They’re disrupting themselves and creating brand new retail customer experiences.

To Win Over Americans, Chinese Companies Should Build Their Brands

October 25, 2017


Topics: Brand Strategy, Business, Marketing

Keywords: brand purpose, chinese branding, Chinese brands, Tencent brand, Alibaba brand, Huawei brand, Jack Ma brand, international branding, brand personality, brand storytelling

Purpose, story-telling, and brand personality are brand-building levers that Chinese brands should use to win with American customers.

Why Retailers Should Retire Holiday Shopping Season

October 9, 2017

Harvard Business Review

Topics: Restaurants and Retail, Customer Experience, Business, Marketing

Keywords: retail customer experience, retail strategy, retail trends, holiday shopping trends, holiday shopping, holiday season retail, Christmas season shopping

Seasonal binge-buying doesn’t fit the way consumers shop now.

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