Are you doing what great brands do? Take this 10 question brand asessment. One 60-second video takes you through each question.  Take the assessment & view your results online here.

Brand Assessment Q1

The first question is about the gap between your brand promise and what you actually deliver.

Brand Assessment Q2

How do you rate your organization on how it uses its brand?

Brand Assessment Q3

For this question, think about when your company spends money on your brand.

Brand Assessment Q4

Give a rating to your key brand stakeholders, that is, anyone who has a stake in the success of your business — executives, employees, suppliers, distributors, agencies.

Brand Assessment Q5

Do you build your brand by tasking the marketing department to promote it in creative campaigns or does everyone in the company nurture and reinforce your brand on a daily basis, at every touchpoint?

Brand Assessment Q6

This question is about the leaders of your organization.

Brand Assessment Q7

Think about the Human Resources efforts at your company and give them a rating.

Brand Assessment Q8

This question is about customer experience, which has become the primary battlefield where customers’ loyalty can be won or lost.

Brand Assessment Q9

To answer this question, think about how people inside your organization learn about your brand identity and positioning.

Brand Assessment Q10

This is the last of 10 questions to help you see if you are building your brand the way great brands do.