If you’re starting up a business, or looking to grow your new venture, a strong strategic brand platform can be used as a compass to guide your decisions about how to get started and then how to grow.  Here is selected content from Denise Lee Yohn, author of the bestseller What Great Brands Do, to help you develop and scale your brand strategy.

Start-Ups Need a Minimum Viable Brand

Denise explains in the Harvard Business Review the core elements of a brand that are necessary to ensure internal focus and alignment as well as external relevance and differentiation.




Three Things Small Businesses Should Do To Get Unstuck And Scale

A new report from research and consulting firm TrueSpace and Gallup says growth-minded small businesses should narrow their prospects, create predictability in their performance, and seek greater consistency in their offerings.





Start-Ups Don’t Need More Money. They Need More Customer Insights.

According to three recent studies, most start-ups don’t fail because of lack of funding alone. Start-ups often lack the customer insights to be successful.




Startup With Passion, Purpose, and People

Denise revisits some basic startup principles and reaffirms why startups succeed, in this post on the Bulldog Drummond blog.




The Minimum Viable Brand Framework

Denise Lee Yohn explains in an Entrepreneur Magazine interview how start–ups and small businesses can use the Minimum Viable Brand Framework to build a great brand.





Scale-Up Your Brand Workbook

This workbook lays out the five steps to develop a strong, valuable, sustainable brand strategy, plus a bonus brand assessment tool.




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