Working with brand consultant Denise Lee Yohn, some of the world’s greatest brands including Sony, Frito-Lay, and Oakley as well as growth-oriented mid-sized companies such as Jack In the Box and Sprouts Farmers Market have grown their businesses by operationalizing their brands.

Organizations that use their brands to shape their culture, company operations, and customer experience produce consistently better, more sustainable results – including faster rates of growth, higher profit margins, and better employee retention and productivity — than those that merely express or promote their brands.  Brand-building isn’t just about communicating a message to the outside world; it involves internally developing and managing your business around your brand.

Denise partners with you to identify new brand growth opportunities, translate brand insights into actionable plans, and implement brand tools to produce operational excellence.  Your business will grow and thrive as you close the gap between your brand vision and operational reality.

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“Denise brought clarity to the Sprouts brand and enabled leaders to have thoughtful discussions around our core values and how we preserve them as we grow. As a result we’re seeing renewed enthusiasm among team members at all levels of the company and have a clear brand roadmap guiding our business that will remain relevant for years to come.”

Doug Sanders

CEO, Sprouts Farmers Market

Denise puts science into the art of brand building. Brands are built with discipline and it is discipline that Denise challenges companies to understand. Her quiver of tools to extract the essence of a brand and to develop a framework for evolving its market value are sharp and effective. I have the utmost respect for her experience and methodologies.

Peter Taylor

Marketing head, Road Runner Sports

I’ve worked with Denise in different capacities over the years (client and colleague) and the result is always the same. She uncovers fresh insights into the consumer and the brand and then seamlessly connects the dots.

David Murphy

Co-President, Executive Director/Brand Innovation

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