Customer experience is the new business battleground.  Explore these articles, videos, and other content from retail brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn to learn crucial CX insights and information that enable you to compete and win.


Why Every Company Needs a Chief Experience Officer

When CX and EX are managed together, they create a unique, sustainable competitive advantage.




Customer Experience Success Relies On More Than Marketing

Customer experience success relies on operations, human resources, and finance as much as it does on marketing, Denise writes in Forbes.




What Is Customer Experience?

Denise and Harvard Business Review editor Curt Nickisch discuss “What Is Customer Experience?” #HBRLive video including 3 characteristics that distinguish extraordinary experiences and how to design and manage customer experience.




7 Steps To Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Most companies are using an incomplete definition of customer experience, and have incomplete tools and approaches to design and manage it, Denise writes in Harvard Business Review.




Your Customer Experience Is Your Marketing

Denise teaches executives at the Horizons Conference for Steritech how your customer experience can be your most powerful marketing strategy.





Don’t Just Try to Improve CX; Integrate It With EX

Fuse CX (customer experience) with EX (employee experience) to successfully improve CX, writes Denise on LinkedIn.




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