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What Great Brands Do

From Starbucks to IBM to Lululemon Athletic, great brands are admired for their bold moves and innovative approaches.  But what really separates merely good brands from those that triumph over time and achieve sustained business success?

In this keynote address, brand expert Denise Lee Yohn unlocks the principles behind the world’s greatest brands.  Drawing from case studies, analysis, and interviews with brand leaders, she explains best practices including “great brands avoid selling products” and “great brands never have to ‘give back’” – and shows how top companies develop standout brands that foster customer loyalty and increase profit margins.

Participants will be challenged to think differently about their brands and businesses and inspired to go from good to great by applying fresh strategies.

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More Walk, Less Talk:  Build Your Brand through Culture and Customer Experience

Today’s savvy consumers won’t do business with a company that doesn’t live up to its bold promises and dazzling advertising.  In this session, brand expert Denise Lee Yohn shows participants how to close the gap between the vision and promise of their brand and the operational reality experienced by customers.  Participants learn to drive their brands into their culture, translate their brands into compelling customer experiences, and ensure the operational excellence that delivers the experience they promise and that the customer expects.

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Workshop: Build a Breakthrough Brand with a Clear Competitive Positioning

A clear, definitive competitive brand positioning is essential to brand building.  It defines who you are selling to, what your business scope is, and what you do to create value for your customers.  It provides strategic guidance on product development, pricing, messaging, and more. In this hands-on workshop, Denise Lee Yohn shows you how to craft a competitive brand positioning, including:

  • the most effective way to identify and define your target segment(s)
  • how to determine an appropriate competitive frame of reference
  • three strategies to establish meaningful and lasting differentiation
  • the sources that achieve brand credibility among today’s savvy customers

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Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility: Use Level 5 Relevance to Create Shared Value

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding that companies have an overall beneficial impact on society. But rather than simply writing checks or donating food to good causes, companies can become a force for positive change while enhancing their customer appeal and long-term competitiveness.

Business advisor Denise Lee Yohn introduces a framework that will help you develop social efforts that achieve “Level 5 Relevance,” with consumers, employees, investors, suppliers and beyond, to build your brand, strengthen your business, and improve your bottom line.  Learn:

  • Fresh perspectives on consumers’ new expectations and how companies are meeting them
  • A 5-step process for achieving relevance with all your stakeholders
  • How to impact your bottom line and grow your brand by creating shared value

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You were truly a hit with our clients from top travel companies…and our offices and staff really took it to heart and truly enjoyed your presentations and workshops.

Jenny Adams

CEO, Discover the World

Denise’s keynote took our customer summit to new heights. She did her research, hit all of the points we’d discussed, and used provocative insights and examples. Her talk was inspiring and informative – worth every penny!

Ken Romley

President and CEO, Zift Solutions

Our attendees, who are owners of fast casual restaurants, learned a lot about social marketing from Denise. She’s a dynamic and engaging speaker and really tailored her presentations to our audience. Attendees left fired up!

Cherryh Butler

Conference Producer, Fast Casual Executive Summit

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