Through the years, Denise Lee Yohn has had the privilege of working on some of the world’s greatest brands and studying many others. She shares her insights, observations, and ideas about brands, businesses, and the people who work on them in articles, newsletters, videos, presentations, and more.

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Brand As Business

January 16, 2017

The College Store

Topics: Restaurants and Retail, Customer Experience, Business

Keywords: Denise Lee Yohn, brand-as-business management approach, The College Store Magazine, NACS Magazine, CAMEX Magazine, college bookstore experience, college store experience retail customer experience

Do you do what great brands do?

VCs Are From Mars, Female Entrepreneurs Are From Venus

January 4, 2017



Keywords: Jory Des Jardins, BlogHer founder, female entrepreneurs, female start-ups, VC gender gap, entrepreneur gender gap, funding gender gap

Jory Des Jardins, cofounder of BlogHer, says there is a “mismatch between the VC process and how women go about growing a company.”

Startup With Passion, Purpose, and People

January 4, 2017

Bulldog Drummond

Topics: Business, Innovation, Leadership

Keywords: Denise Lee Yohn on Bulldog Drummond, start with why, start-up strategy, start-up purpose, entrepreneur passion, start-up success

It seems the drive behind many startups is to make money, create something new and be successful. But these aren’t reasons to start a company. They’re the results – if you do it right.

Design Your Employee Experience as Thoughtfully as You Design Your Customer Experience

December 8, 2016

Harvard Business Review

Topics: Customer Experience, Business, Culture, Employee Engagement, Leadership

Keywords: employee engagement, employee culture, Denise Lee Yohn on Harvard Business Review, workplace culture, employee experience, employee segmentation, employee and customer experience

Improving customer experience is often a top business priority, but what about employee experience?

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Denise has been inspiring and teaching companies how to operationalize their brands to grow their businesses for over 25 years. From national conferences to CEO peer groups to corporate meetings, Denise helps her audiences transform their organizations and their brands.

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