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Extraordinary Experiences by Denise Lee Yohn profiles seven great retail and restaurant brands and shows how they earn customer love and loyalty by creatively designing and consistently delivering great retail customer experiences. Compelling stories and practical principles make Extraordinary Experiences required reading for all business leaders who want to build a great brand.


How a company decides to behave becomes how that brand shows up in the marketplace.  In this book, Denise Lee Yohn enlightens the reader with an essential map for how to become a brand that earns the right to customer-driven growth.

Jeanne Bliss

President, CustomerBliss; Author, Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine

I love good information backed up with real life case studies. Denise Lee Yohn’s gift of storytelling and insightful analysis make Extraordinary Experiences an inspiring and immediately actionable read.

Shep Hyken

Customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution

If you want a shortcut in your goal to improve customer loyalty, start with Denise Lee Yohn. What Great Brands Do is a practical guide to providing an exceptional brand experience. In Extraordinary Experiences, Denise builds on her earlier work, sharing strategies and actions for creating a cherished brand.

Skip Pritchard

President & CEO, OCLC, Leadership Insights blogger at skipprichard.com

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