brand experience brief: patagonia’s tin shed

(Here’s the latest “Brand Experience Brief” — insights from my audits of new and interesting retail and restaurant concepts.)

Check out this video featuring photos and my notes on Tin Shed, Patagonia‘s new retail concept — and then check out my interview with head of retail marketing at Patagonia, Vickie Achee, which I posted a couple of days ago.  She calls Tin Shed “a grand experiment” for the company and explains the thinking behind the concept.

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  • Hi Denise,
    Thanks for all of your informative work.

    I’ve been a Patagonia fan since I first saw their catalog back in the late 70’s. I instantly fell in love with the informative and stylish presentation.

    I agree with you that it looks like (having not been to one) the Tin sheds seem to lack any wow factor. Competition has grown exponentially since when they first turned the outdoor softwear industry on its head so I also agree, they need to step it up in that dept.

    It just seems like with a company with that many resources these store should have been better planned and executed?